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Holga Photographer

I’ve been on a film kick lately.  I’ve added a Holga 120N to my daily camera bag that I lug around.  I’m in the middle of my second roll of film (BW) and I have to say this camera is pretty cool.  It’s nothing like my other cameras, it produces crappy interesting images but its […]

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The Vatican

I took my Holga camera with my on my trip to Europe and was able to get a few good images.  Today’s image was taken at The Vatican in Rome Italy.  We opted not to tour the inside of the Vatican which gave us more time to see more of Rome.  The Holga image doesn’t […]

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Project[52] – five

I”ve been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon for a while and was happy with the recent announcement.  I made switch about a week ago and couldn’t be happier.  My android has been good but for photography related applications and uses the iPhone is much better. Ever since I purchased a Holga I’ve […]

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Android Photography 10.13.10

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